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DISINFECTION for COVID-19 and others virus, germs & bacteria to prevent flu, allergies, cough and more for an healthy home

As a professional cleaning company, we fight every day against viruses, germs and bacteria that cause disease such as flu, cough, allergies and more to keep your home and family healthy.

We have all the tools and products necessary to do this job in a professional way.


We started going back to work and following the Government and the CDC guidelines.


We already have been following some of these guidelines like:

-never allowing an employee that is sick or has any flu-like symptoms to come to work

-using gloves all time

-using products approved by EPA

-paying special attention to disinfecting high touch surfaces including: Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, etc.

-towels always clean and sanitized daily and changed for each customer


Disinfection Covid Cold virus

Now from May 2020 our cleaning service also adding these other CDC guidelines for our staff:


-will sanitize hands prior to entering in your home

-will use protective masks 

-will maintain social distancing in the workplace

-we are equipped with Fogger machine and sprayer approved and protective clothing to do Covid-19 Disinfection

We ask you to please cancel the appointment if you or your family member is sick or has any flu-like symptoms or is tested positive for Covid-19.

We have limited service due to Covid-19 and are evaluating each home prior to confirming whether we will provide service.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns by phone or email from our website


As indicated by the CDC (CENTRAL DESEASE CONTROL), all surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected every day, especially those with which we come into contact with our hands (handles, light switches, telephone, etc.) by using disinfectant products. Furthermore, you must pass a cloth and not just spray to avoid the dispersion in the air of the virus.

The approved list of cleaners, also known as the EPA “List N, is believed to be the most effective at eradicating the virus that causes COVID-19 and we, as Italia Cleaning Service, have already been using these cleaners as anti-bacterial. Furthermore, these products we use are harmless and totally safe, family and pet friendly.

It should also be considered that the routine cleaning operations cover about 30-35% of the room areas. Therefore, to offer an even more complete service to our customers, we have decided to equip ourselves with a specific sprayer machine that will allow to disinfect your rooms (home, office, car, etc.) by covering a wide range, up to 100% of the area, to prevent the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria of any kind that cause disease such as flu, cough, allergies and more to keep your home and family healthy and not just Sars Cov2. 

(By our choice the service is not available for houses, apartments or offices where there have been declared cases of Covid-19 in progress and the person is present inside)

This machine sprays a mixed solution of water and disinfectant into the air that KILLS all viruses and bacteria present in the whole area, reaching all surfaces. The nebulized product will dry itself by performing its action and then we will perform our usual cleaning.

Our Spray Machine breaks down one size droplet into many smaller micron droplets, allowing for more even coverage of a targeted area. It Is developed based on the chemical sprayer which produces a uniform and fine spray droplet (atomized particles) of disinfectants in the size range less of 100 um (micrometer) to kill microorganism, germ, bacteria and viruses. Thanks to the small size of the droplets, the sprayed surface area increases thereby enhancing the interaction with harmful microorganism and coronavirus.

We comply only to EPA products regulated.

The CDC also recommended that although cleaning surfaces and disinfecting is very important, but in the same way simple guidelines are important, such as washing your hands often with soaps and distancing yourself from people, because remember, the main vector of this disease is direct person-to-person transmission


Sanitation Covid 19 Cold Flu
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