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House Cleaning

House Cleaning/Commercial

Entire Home/Office/Store

  • Dust all surfaces and appliances (baseboard, doors, knob, ceiling fan, window frames, furniture, tv, light switch, etc.)

  • Remove cobweb from ceiling and other surfaces

  • Vacuum & mop hardwood/tile floors and vacuum carpeted floors

  • Remove garbage

  • Deodorize rooms

Bathroom Cleaning


  • Clean & sanitize countertops,  sinks, toilet & tub/shower

  • Clean mirrors

  • Vacuum & mop floor 

  • Solid Air freshener & disinfectant toilet bowl included

Kitchen Cleaning



  • Clean sinks and stove

  • Wipe tables, chairs and countertops

  • Wipe the outside of cabinets, drawers and appliances

  • Clean inside and outside of  microwaves

  • Vacuum & mop floor

Extra Cleaning Service



  • Before our team arrives for your scheduled cleaning, please remove clutter so we can effectively clean all surfaces (clothing, kids’ toys, dishes in the kitchen sink, etc.)

  • We love pets! We are furry friendly, but if the pets are big we recommended that you find a good spot so they’re safe and secure while we clean.

  • When you are at work or if you plan to be away on the day appointed for home cleaning, just leave us detailed entry instructions when you schedule your appointment, so we know how to gain access to your home (garage code or a spare key). Your home will be locked when we leave (if it’s possible).

  • If you will be not at home, you can leave cash or a check on the kitchen counter, or use electronic payment (Venmo, Zelle, Paypal).

  • If you need to cancel/reschedule the service, we would appreciate being informed a few days in advance so that we are able to adjust or reschedule new appointments.

  • If service is cancelled with 48-hours notice, a cancellation fee equal to 25% of the service price will be charged.

  • If service is cancelled with less than 24-hours notice, if we are unable to access the home on our arrival or if we are turned away at the door, a cancellation/lockout fee equal to half the service price will be charged.


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